Learning experiences designed to impart or improve employees' skills, knowledge, and job performance. The immediate goal is to acquire new job skills or improve competency. Training should take place before or as it's needed.
The challenge...
The challenge is to design training that includes the correct and necessary skills and ideas, and then effectively delivers these skills and ideas: "what to teach and how to teach."

Training that honors people for their current abilities, and builds on their ability to learn new skills and ideas is a minimal expectation.

Effective training is intentionally designed:

  • knowing people can perform their jobs well.

  • knowing people can learn new skills and ideas.

  • knowing people can learn how to improve processes     and procedures in their work.

  • knowing people can learn how to solve new problems

  • knowing people can apply the skills and ideas to new    applications.

       Have you ever participated in a training program that    enabled you to perform the skills and ideas as    advertised in the brochure?

  •    Have you ever participated in a training class that    enabled you to solve new problems, that taught you    how to apply skills and ideas to new applications?

    When companies offer training that is designed by performance-based, educational research, they wisely provide the best training for their employees or clients. Why risk wasting money and peoples’ time with poorly designed training?
    The need...
    In our modern workforce, all jobs require specific skills and knowledge, often unique to that discipline.
    The need to design training programs that enable people to perform the skills and knowledge unique to that job is urgent.
    "Performance training"
    Enables people to perform the tasks required in their work, not after the training, but during the training.
    Enables people to reason, or think through the mental steps of their work. Transfer training teaches people how to solve new problems in their work, and how to apply their skills and knowledge to new applications.
    The design of the training, or instruction, is the foundation to developing successful training: curricula, materials, workshops..
    ...and if the design of the instruction is correct, designed from accurate, agreed upon learning objectives, then the training can follow through with its intended success.
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